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Thank you again for joining us at by design contracting here, where we enjoy and are passionate about doing concrete, and we are here today as a tulsa, concrete contractor to talk about concrete I know that might be a surprise that I want to talk about concrete, but as a tulsa, concrete contractor. That’s what we’re passionate about, and today I’m heading up to bartlesville, to look at a job that we’re going to be starting next week, and this is a wonderful polish job and as a tulsa concrete contractor. Not only do we like to lay down concrete that we like to polish concrete as well and over the years we’ve been able to take concrete that is 7580 years old or month old and turn it into just a beautiful shinyvery, well fabricated surface that looks beautiful. That is super easy to clean that is very minimal for maintenance costs and gives owners of that concrete years and years of just very easy maintenance. In a beautiful finish. So over the years we have polished thousands and thousands of square foot, probably hundreds of thousands of square foot of concrete and with our certified installers. We have wonderful products, we use consolideck and prosoco products to make the concrete look. Absolutely beautiful and the process that we use to polish concrete is one that people have used for a lot of years, which is dimond polishing rough and the goal is to beautiful, had beautiful military establishments to residential homes. Sports arena facility we’ve even polished greenhouse processing. Not only do we use the has several points actually takes that floor and rose diamond org rosa crystal in the floor and decor molecular structure really small surface that repels penetrating up from underneath best quality products never seen it has to be, are generally just keeping them clean from dust and the degree light. So thank you today for show me a spirit by design contracting. Over the years, like i, said, we’ve done many many prada prada many many floors with different products, and we’ve come up with a system over the years that is very sustainable and the projects that we have worked on that have been awarded gold and silver lead awards, which have to do with they’re environmentally friendly status, where they’re not letting off dangerous fumes, where you’re using a sustainable product is not damaging to the earth and we enjoy being part of those gold and silver lead. Products are projects. So here again, thank you for joining by design contracting, whereas a tulsa concrete contractor we enjoy serving. You are customer

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