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Good afternoon, thank you again for joining us here at by design contracting, A Tulsa Concrete Contractor.  and we are here today again to talk about amazing concrete. We like great work for people. It is our passion, it is what we do and today is no different than any other day, except today. It’s raining springtime is. We are so happy for spring, this winter, even though it didn’t get the exceptionally cold for long periods of time it did and the freezes and coldness and the long winter of phrase into april did kind of inhibitor work a little bit but you’re it by design contracting as the tulsa concrete contractor, and we know how to handle that. We know what to do with those long free cycles and even though it did slow things down a bit, we were able to get some pretty good work accomplished for our customers and it’s important to hire a tulsa, concrete contractor that has that kind of experience, because when it gets cold, you need to know what to do and how to protect that concrete when it gets hot and you need to know what to do and how to protect that concrete. So here at by design contracting as a tulsa concrete contractor, we have those year experience. We have that knowledge base and then know how we have excellent, concrete, finishers artisans in their own right and they are certified to finish concrete. They have the not only the years of experience but they’ve had the training in the education to be certified to do the very best, concrete project that needs to be done so I design, contracting we’ve enjoyed in working with our employees, with our staff to have them trains to do really amazing and quality work as a TulsaConcrete Contractor. So thank you for joining us today. Everybody who owns the ritz families come over like to spend time creative we enjoyed making I’m going to go space, play store, nyst, better than beautiful as a Tulsa Concrete Contractor. . We have the ability to do all of those things for you and create a beautiful backyard environment. So today we have just completed another beautiful back patio. We have had the privilege not only to put in a patio but a couple of steps down to a jacuzzi area where the customer can enjoy a nice hot dog with your family man. When you do that again, it just gives your kids nice reason to stay home to bring your friends and they can come on over and get to know your family and there’s nothing better than making a nice place. It’s enjoyable for family and friends to get together. So thank you for joining us here at by design contracting, again as a tulsa, concrete contractor, we enjoy doing business with our customers. We had the best customers over the years and so anyhow thank you again for joining us and by design contracting. A Tulsa Concrete Contractor.